What is True Tear™

  • State of the art technology in eye care that is easy to use.

  • Tiny pulses of energy stimulate tears.

  • Drop free and drug free option.

  • Well tolerated with mild side effects.

  • Works quickly and puts you in control. 

The Technology behind True Tear™

  1. The True Tear™ device stimulates a nerve in the nasal cavity with tiny pulses of energy, sending nerve signal to the brain.

  2. The brain sends signals back to the tear glands causing a temporary increase in tear production.

  3. The glands react and produce real tears.

The True Tear™ Device

The True Tear™ device is a drug free, drop free device and is really easy to use.​

​The Device comes with:

  • Carry cover to protect your device in between uses and prevent the device from accidentally turning on.

  • Easy to use +/- buttons to turn the device on/off and change intensity.

  • Led lights that will show you if the device is on and will display the intensity from 1 to 5.

  • Disposable tips which are replaced every 48 hours.  The tips are easy to snap on/off and will only go on one way.

  • Charger allows you to plug the device in and have the True Tears™ device full charged in 4 hours.  It is best to charge the device overnight a bedtime to make sure it last all day.

  • True Tears™ App allows you to track the usage of your device and check the battery level.


True Tear™ By Allergan

Learn about the bold new way to temporarily increase natural tear production with user controllable neurostimulation. 

Q: Who is this True Tears™ best for?

True Tears™ is best for anyone who suffers from dry eye, especially patients who are seeking a drop free and drug free option.

Patients who have pace makers, wearable defibrillators, chronic nose bleeds, bleeding disorders, or are allergic to hydrogel should not use this product.

Q:How does it feel? How far does it have to go in my nose to feel it?

Patients have reported a tingling, tickling, or massaging feeling.  Patients should go as far as comfortable and should focus on getting to the "sweet spot" which is near the front bridge of the nose. 

Q: What are some side effects? 

10% of patients using the device have had nose bleeds and some nasal discomfort.  For additional side effects you can contact our office.

Q: How do I Clean the tips? Can I reuse them?

The tips can be cleaned with alcohol wipes and should never be cleaned under water as the device is not water resistant.  The Tips are only good for 48 hrs after that they begin to dry out and can cause some side effects if over used.  

True Tear Device


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