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The Dangers of Mascara

Ladies you may be applying mascara daily, but did you know there are many dangers that lay in that tube of mascara.

Mascara Expires

Many people who wear mascara have been told that they should replace this product every three months, but are not aware that cosmetics companies do not just generate this advice to sell more product. Using a single tube of mascara for longer than three months can result in very severe eye irritation. Research reveals that a large number of people use their cosmetics past the expiration dates and mascara wearers very often keep using it way beyond its limit. This article will examine the specific dangers of using mascara beyond its expiration date to show why you should replace it regularly.

Mascara hides bacteria

Every time you use mascara and place the wand back into the cosmetic tube, you are introducing more bacteria into the product. Like many cosmetics, mascara often contains preservatives to help decrease the multiplication of bacteria but preservatives become less effective as time passes. Ingredients included in the mascara formula may contribute to the problem. For example, water in a formula helps it glide onto eyelashes, but water also helps bacteria grow.

The danger with mascara, however, is much worse than exposure to bacteria in the air. There is also a risk of poking or scratching the eye, which could directly introduce several different types of bacteria into the area.

One of the most common types of bacteria associated with expired mascara is Staphylococcus epidermidis which can exist on all types of cosmetics including eyeliners, eyeshadow, and lipstick as well as mascara. The bacteria naturally lives on human skin, but it can result in serious medical complications for people with compromised immune systems. Even worse, some of the more serious strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis are very hard to treat and do not respond well to anti-bacterial medication.

Mascara can cause lesions

Ok, so this is really an extreme case but a women claimed she nearly went blind after not washing her mascara off for more than two decades. She developed these hard deposits on the underside of her eyelids which were diagnosed as conjunctival concretions, otherwise known as lesions. Yes her case is extreme but this does show you the dangers of not washing off your mascara every night with make up or lid wipes.

(Link to original article)

The FDA’s Guidelines for Safely Using Makeup
  1. Do not sleep with eye cosmetics on. Leaving mascara on overnight can do substantial damage. Mascara can even dry over night which can cause your eyelashes to fall out.

  2. Immediately stop using any eye cosmetics that irritate your eyes.

  3. Keep your eye cosmetics in a cool place. More specifically, under no circumstance should you ever store cosmetics at temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit because excessive heat can ruin the preservatives in your cosmetics.

  4. Make sure that eye cosmetics are kept clean.

  5. Never apply eye makeup while riding in the car or on the move because this greatly increases the chances that you will poke your eye.

  6. Never add saliva to moisten dried mascara. The bacteria from your mouth can result in infections. Also avoid adding water to dried mascara because water can introduce bacteria as well as decrease the effects of preservatives in your product.

  7. Place makeup wands directly back into containers after use.

  8. Temporarily discontinue use of eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection.

  9. Throw away any dried up mascara or other eye cosmetics.

  10. Under no circumstances should you share makeup.

  11. Wash your hands before putting on eye cosmetics and any other type of makeup



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