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Tips When Buying A Pair Of Sunglasses

Solar radiation exposes us all to harmful UV radiation during all for seasons. This puts us at a greater risk for possible vision problems, such as corneal sunburns and photokeratitis. The best thing to do is to invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Here are some tip when buying a pair of sunglasses.

Check the Sticker. When shopping for Sunglasses look for a tag that states "100% UV protection" or a UV rating over 400. This means that it blocks both harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

The Bigger the Better. Get a pair of sunglasses that covers the entire eye area. Make sure there is little to no gap between your face and your sunglasses. Wrap around sunglasses offer both great coverage and sit tight against the face. Big sunglasses not only offer great protection, they are trendy as well.

Transitions. If you do not want to carry both a pair of sunglasses and your regular glasses you may want to check out transitions. Transition lenses will get darker when activated by UV light and transitions to clear when you are indoors. Transitions offer 100% UV protection. Keep in mind though transitions will not get dark when driving as your windshield offers some type of UV protection.

Your activities. Not all sunglasses are good for certain activities. Maui Jim Polarized sunglasses are great for beach activities while Oakley Prism Sunglasses are great for golfing. Material also makes a difference. Poly-carbonate lenses shatter resistant making it great for baseball. are s Make sure to ask a trained optician which sunglasses would fit well with your lifestyle.

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