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Reducing Eye Irritation Caused by Allergies

'Tis the season for allergies. People with eye allergies experience a variety of symptoms including burning, itchiness, and tears. Some people discover that the symptoms subside after a few days, while others suffer for much longer.

This article with give you some helpful advice to combat this allergy season.

1. Recognize your allergy symptoms.

Allergies cause eyes to be itchy. They also cause red eyes, swollen eyes, and watery eyes. However allergies don't cause things like pain or blurred vision. If you are not sure, make an appointment with you eye doctor.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.

Limiting your exposure to the following will greatly reduce exposure. Some of the most common causes of eye allergies include dust, makeup, mold, pet dander, pollen, perfume, and soap.

Keeping informed of potential spikes in pollen counts from news outlet can help as well. Certain types of weather including the fall and spring can result in people experiencing more allergies. Rather than go outside on breezy days that involve a large amount of pollen, many people benefit by staying inside and limiting their exposure to potential allergens.

3. Take you allergy medication.

Histamines are part of your defense system and help the body remove allergens from a person’s body. When histamines are released they cause nasal congestion, sneezing or hives in response to allergens. Taking antihistamines like Claritin, Allegra, or an eye drop like Pazeo do help to combat allergies.

4. Use Comfort measures.

Some people might experience eye allergy symptoms no matter what they do. The best thing to do is to relax change your clothes and take a shower to remove allergens.

Another good thing to have in your comfort arsenal is a cold compress mask , eye lid wipes, and artificial tears. Cold Compresses will relieve discomfort and swelling while lid wipes and artificial tears wash away ant allergens on the eye.

5. Wear Glasses instead of Contacts.

Contacts attract dust and allergens and get stuck on the surface of contacts. Best thing to do is to wear a spare pair of glasses or sunglasses. If you can not be with out your contacts make sure to take them out and clean them through out the day. If you wear monthly or biweekly contacts think about switching to daily contacts, as these contacts get replaced with a fresh pair every day.

Following these great tips will greatly reduce you discomfort this allergy season.

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