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Get rid of droopy eye lids with out surgery.

As we get older things ... start to sag. It is just part of getting old. One place that seems to be an issue is our eye lids. They start to droop and we lose our beauty. Surgery seems to be the only answer. What if there was a non surgical option to perk up those eye lids and restore that lost beauty.

The condition of droopy eye lids is called Ptosis. Ptosis can be caused by genetics, aging, injury, or an aftereffect of refractive surgery. Basically, your muscles in your eyelids weaken and lose their elastic strength.

Surgery can be done to put everything back in place but there are a few things you have to do. Insurance companies can make it kind of difficult by requiring some testing to get it approved. There is another option though that requires no surgery. Lids by Design

Lids by Design is a medical grade, hypoallergenic, latex-free, non-surgical choice of beauty. You place it on your eyelid and it lifts your eyelid to your desired look. Once you rub it in its completely invisible, with the addition of a primer it can be covered by makeup as well. Take back your beauty.

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