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Halloween Contacts: One Size DOES NOT fit all.

Halloween is approaching and many of you might want to get spooky contacts to go with your costume this year, but do you know the risks of getting these contacts with out a proper fit or prescription? If you follow these tips below you should have a safe Halloween contact lens experience.

Before we start with tips lets discuss a few things about contacts. A pair of contacts are not as simple as a pair of glasses. There are multiple measurements that need to be taken to make sure your contacts fit your unique eye. Contacts are not one size fits all. If you have never worn contacts before you need to see your eye doctor to get the right prescription, you need to practice taking putting them in and out of your eyes, and need to learn proper cleaning and storage techniques.

If you do decide to get Halloween contacts follow these steps to keep your night a fun one.

MOST IMPORTANT!!!!! Buy your contacts from a reputable Supplier or Doctors office. It is very important to buy your contacts from a location that is trained in proper selling and storage of contact lenses. Hot topic and Spencers got in some legal issues last year due to issues with there supply and illegal sales.

Don’t get Halloween Contacts if you have never worn contacts before. You should not wear contacts of any kind without knowing how to place contacts in your eye and without knowing the risks of wearing contacts. Improper fit of contacts can lead to eye scratches, infections, sores, even vision loss.

Halloween contacts need to be stored and cleaned properly. Contacts need to be stored in clean contact lens containers and not the same containers they came in. Solution should never be topped off and changed regularly. Contacts, especially Halloween contacts also have expiration dates. Most expire after a year or two. The best thing to do with Halloween contacts is after you are done with them throw them out and get new ones next year.

Observer proper wearing schedules. Halloween contacts should not be worn for more than a 6-8hrs at a time. Your eyes need to breath and normally these types of contacts are made of thick materials and block oxygen from getting into your eyes. If your eyes start getting red and tired its time to take them out and give your eyes a rest.

Use artificial tears. Any type of extended wear contacts through out the day will tend to dry out. Artificial tears should help lubricate your eyes and contacts. Also think about purchasing a product like Blink n Clean which will keep the contacts clean if you should happen to get make-up in your eyes.

See an eye doctor if you have pain, discomfort, or redness that won’t go away. Things happen and you should not be embarrassed to come in the next day if you are having issues. The worst thing you can do is wait.

Following these tips will make your Halloween contact experience spooktacular. We hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy Halloween!

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