Mibo Thermoflo

Dry Eye Treatment

"Spa" Treatment for your eyelids.  Relieve your Dry Eye Symptoms 

What is Mibo Thermoflo?

MiBo ThermoFlo delivers consistent emissive heat to the meibomian glandular apparatus. Inspissated lipid secretions are softened and mobilized through gentle ocular message. Liberated surfactants and improved lipid secretions create an enhanced tearfilm. Improved corneal wetting reduces or eliminates the signs and symptoms of ocular surface disease. Evaporative dry eye is the leading cause of dry eye. Improving meibomian gland function is the mainstay of modern therapy. MiBo is a new treatment modality designed to addressed obstructed meibomian glands and foster superior lipid health and function. MiBo is comfortable, effective, convenient, and affordable.

What to expect during Treatment.

MiBo therapy uses thermoelectric radiation to help manage dry eyes. The MiBo eye pads emit a therapeutic temperature of 108 degrees to liquefy dried-up or viscous tears. This can also help enhance Meibomian glandular functions.


Before we start, we will ask you to remove your contact lenses (if you wear them) and any eye makeup to ensure proper heat absorption. We will then have you close your eyes while we apply ultrasound gel on the MiBo eye pads and start the timer. You may sense slight pressure as we massage your eyelids with the eye pads. You can expect the session to last for about eight minutes per eye.

Once the MiBo procedure is completed our Eye Doctors will inspect the glands and may express the meibomian glands to make sure they are clear and are secreting clear lipids. Some patients will feel instant relief after the procedure.  Treatment may have to be maintained every 3 months or as directed.   

Cost of the Mibo Thermoflo Treatment


Studies reveal this revolutionary dry eye treatment to be effective at treating Meibomian gland dysfunctions and other ocular surface problems. 95% of patients found relief from  mild to moderate dry eye symptoms. Patients love it because it is a non-invasive, low-cost approach to treating dry eye syndrome as compared to other options.  Each treatment is $125, treatments may be repeated every 3 months. 

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