IPL Treatment For Dry Eye Disease 

Who Can Benefit?

Millions of people suffer from dry, red, sore and irritated eyes due to MGD.  The oil-producing meibomian glands stop working effectively in sufferers, diminishing the lipid(oily) layer of the tear film.  This causes the watery component of tears to evaporate excessively.  IPL is ideally suited to MGD sufferers, providing cumulative relief from the underlying cause and symptoms.


What is IPL?

IPL is a revolutionary treatment which generates a series of flashes of homogeneous light to skin around the lower eyelid.  The energy and time period are precisely set to stimulate the meibomian glands to normal function.


When Will I Notice Improvement?

The meibomian glands showed mild improved function in a very short time, even within a few hours following the treatment.  The effect is cumulative, so the improvements should last for about two weeks after the first treatment, four weeks after the second treatment, then months onward.  Improvement in symptoms and reduction in the need for eye drops is generally noticed after two to three treatments. 

What is Involved?

An initial dry eye assessment is required to determine whether IPL is the most appropriate treatment for you.  Once it has been decided, each IPL session will take 20 - 30 minutes.  A technician will first warm the lids with a heat mask.  Then with the IPL device, a series of flashes of light are applied to your lower eyelids and cheeks whilst you wear protective goggles.  Treatment ends with expression of the eyelids to make sure they are clear and producing lipids.


Though the flashes are extremely bright and feel warm on your skin, there is no pain or significant discomfort.  IPL does not affect your ability to drive following the treatment.  Four treatments are recommended over a four-month period.  In some cases, additional treatments of IPL or a Lipiflow may be required for optimal improvement in your dry eye symptoms.


Our IPL Treatment Program for Dry Eye consists of 4 IPL treatments over four months, eyelid expression, plus a review appointment and follow-up Lipiscan testing.  The cost of this introductory program is $800. 

Additional IPL treatments or Lipiflow following the completion of the four-month program can be arranged.  The cost for individual IPL treatments is $250 each.  The cost for a Lipiflow add on is $495.   


IPL offers long lasting improvement in Dry Eye symptoms to complement ongoing lubricants and eyelid hygiene.   

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