Dry Eye Screenings 

New Dry Eye Testing Baseline!

At Somers Eye Center we are more than just testing your vision, we also make sure your eyes are healthy.  We have recently added Dry Eye Screenings to our Base Line Testing Procedure.  Not only will we take a base line readings of your prescription, eye pressure and pictures of the back of the eye, we will also be imaging the glands of your lower lids to test for Dry Eye.


Even if you do not have symptoms of Dry Eye, your glands may be showing signs of Dropout which can lead to Dry Eye issues down the road.  Signs of Dry Eye have been coming up lately in young adults because of environment and technology.  We tend to blink less when we use our cell phone, computer, and laptop, which causes glands to dropout.


This Dry Eye Screening is complementary to all of our patient who are screened during their yearly eye exam.  If our Doctors find signs of Dry Eye we may have you come back for a Full Dry Eye Work-Up which includes a full upper and lower lid imaging, tear osmolarity testing, and meibomian gland evaluation.  The Full Dry Eye Work-Up is normally covered by your medical insurance (Co-pays and deductibles still apply).  


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