A New Contact Lens That You Can START IN AND STAY IN 


It seems like magic, but it’s actually science!

PRECISION1® contact lenses are tiny pairs of genius with some big, beautiful science woven into their DNA. With SMARTSURFACE® Technology, each lens has a thin layer of moisture on the surface that is made up of more than 80% water. They are so easy to wear, you’ll love them.


Welcome to the Precision1 See What Happens Try on!

You don't stop and neither do Precision1 contact lenses.  Once you experience the precise vision, dependable comfort and easy handling these babies, you'll be asking "What took me so long?"

Getting in the Contact Lens Zone

Since PRECISION1® are daily disposable contact lenses, you simply put them in in the morning and remove them when your day’s over. That means you’ll be saying “Oh hey, freedom!” a lot more. Keep in mind that it’ll take time for you and your eyes to adjust to wearing contact lenses. But the more you wear them, the easier they are to love.

Join the See What Happens Try On

Grace your eyes with five amazing days of life in contact lenses. It’s easy.  Want to try contacts?  Had a bad experience with other contacts? Make an appointment today and try PRECISION1® for five days and See What Happens.