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What is Myopia?

Myopia or nearsightedness, is an eye condition where close up objects will be clear but far objects will be blurry.  Myopia occurs because the eye begins to grow too long.  This can be caused by genetic, environmental, and/or lifestyle factors.  Myopia can cause major problems down the road in life causing cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment.



Why have Myopia rates increased?

Millions of people of all ages develop myopia each year.  More recently, there has been an increase in  young children developing myopia.  Though myopia can be caused by genetics there are some outside factors.  Children today seem to be more glued to technology and books and are spending less time outside.



What should you look out for.

As many parents know children normally do not complain about their vision.  If your child squints a lot, says they are having trouble seeing the blackboard at school, or complains of headaches they may have issues with their vision.  Many schools today will do vision screenings to help curb the issue.  If your child does fail the vision screening please take them to an eye doctor as soon as possible.



Treatment Options:

Myopia has no cure but can be controlled.  If your child has trouble seeing or fails a school/Pediatrician screening, see an Optometrist as soon as possible.  A childs prescription can change dramatically in a very short time if it is not controlled.


A few treatment options include multifocal glasses or contacts.  It has been shown in multiple studies that with multifocal glasses or contacts there is an over 90% chance to control or stop the progression of myopia.  Amazingly the study also showed a 7% chance of myopia regression.


Make sure your child has yearly eye exams if they are having vision problems.  Ask our Doctors about the latest in myopia control products.



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