Digital Eye Strain is becoming a really problem today.  Most of us are glued to our digital devices more and more.  The average smart phone user looks at their phone for more than 4 hours a day. There are many things you can do to help curve digital eye strain.


20-20-20 Rule:


Most of you probably heard about this rule already if you had an eye exam recently. To recap, every 20 minutes you should look at something 20 feet for 20 seconds.  What does this do?  It gives your eye a chance to refocus on something in the distance and allows your eyes to relax.


Blue Light Blocking Lenses:


Blue light is every where and can be very dangerous over time to your eyes. Blue light can cause some loss of contrast which can lead to digital eye strain. Recently developed blue light blocking lenses can absorb or deflect blue light. Most of these lenses have a yellowish tint which has shown to greatly reduce digital eye strain.


Blue Light Filters:


Not many people are aware of a certain settings available in almost all of our devices.  If you have recently updated your phones whether it be Android or Apple IOS your may notice a display setting called Night shit (IOS) or Blue light filter (Android).   PC or MAC users you are not alone!  On Windows 10 operating systems search for Night Light and Mac users should look for Night Shift.   Block blue light equals less digital eye strain.  Turing it on will make the screen have a warmer contrast to it, greatly reducing the blue light that it may dish out. You may be asking why most of these settings have the word ‘night’ in it.  Well that is because it has also been shown that blue light can disrupt sleep habits and could cause you to have a harder time falling asleep at night.


In the future smart phone use is just going to increase and digital eye strain will get worse.  Following these steps will greatly improve your digital eye strain, allow you protect your eyes from harmful blue light, and may also improve your sleeping


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